Funny Fantasy Football Name Generator

Fantasy Football is all about inside information, beating your friends, and all kinds of trash talk, but what we love the most are fantasy football team names that range from flat to corny to outrageous. We got a bit excited this year and decided that some of the team names we were seeing in our leagues just straight-up were not up to snuff and so we did something about it by creating the Fantasy Football Name Generator.

You can generate a random name that pulls from our list of thousands of funny fantasy names or you can specify an NFL team that generates player and team specific names! Either option is great because whether you love or hate Tony Romo, you can select the Dallas Cowboys and find plenty of hilarious fantasy names that praise, tease, and shock! We are confident that this is the best fantasy football generator on the web because we've sat at our desks at work laughing until we've cried at the most ridiculous names.

We play fantasy football with the spirit and resolve of King Leonidas, but these names are meant for humor and should not be taken too seriously. When you inevitably draft Wes Welker in the 4th round, you should head back to the generator and use the Broncos to find great names like Welker Texas Ranger. Base your name off of a player on your fantasy team, a player you love, or a player you despise because here there are THOUSANDS of options.

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Isaac Clark

Think you have a funny name we missed? Submit it below and if we don't have it, we'll add it to our list!